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in the State of Georgia   

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Officers 2018 - 2021

DDG Dr. Arthur Chapman mail
AG Julia A. Farrigan mail
Governor D. Alan Smith mail
Deputy Governor Linda Hartung mail
Recording Secretary Anita S. Mashburn mail
Corresponding Secretary Dr. James C. Anderson mail
Treasurer Deborah K. Price mail
Historian J. Pratt Vereen mail
Assistant Historian Andrew Hain mail
Member-at-Large Samuel L. Marble mail
Member-at-Large Cynthia D. Marble mail
Surgeon Judith Gibson mail
Elder James L. West, jr. mail
Captain William W. Price mail
Counselor Cheryl A. Brock mail
Education and Junior Membership Peggy G. McCall mail
Finance Paul T. Zantzinger mail
Hospitality Susan Yatsinko mail
Membership Directory Dr. James Anderson mail
Webmaster Dr. John E. Thacher mail

Marshes of Glynn Saint Simons Island
Lt. Governor Joanne LaVergne Summers mail

Former Living Governers
Paul T. Zantzinger mail 1982 - 1986
Betty H. Peardon 1988 - 1992
Charlie R. Hamilton mail 1996 - 2000
Virginia (Ginger) P. Allen mail 2004 - 2006
Rose E. Bell mail 2007 - 2009
James West mail 2010 - 2016
Arthur Chapman mail 2017 - 2018

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