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Information About Making an Application for Membership

If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of membership in the Mayflower Society, let me suggest, as a start, that you consult the Mayflower website They emphasize that membership begins at the state level--the state historian can coach the interested person through the membership process, the research, collection, and final submission of support material to the national society. However, the Society website offers one very useful service--if you provide them with your proposed lineage, they will evaluate its authenticity and, in some cases, even provide references to prior lineage papers that were filed on the same line which can be used to "piggyback" your application. On the main page, further down, there is a link "Fill out our Preliminary Review Form" Preliminary Review Form which will link to the Preliminary Review Form There is a fee for this service, but it is well worth it in saving the applicant's time to research the early generations, and it puts the evaluation of the research into Plymouth's hands. In the event they identify and recommend one or more previously qualified papers that would support your proposed lineage, copies of those papers can be requested--of course, for an additional fee, but again, it can save many hours of research. At that point, Plymouth notifies me that you have had a response from them. When I see what they have determined, we will have a better idea of what documentation may be necessary to support your application. I will then send you a Mayflower worksheet and some guidelines on what kinds of information Plymouth wants to see, and what they do not want to see. Plymouth is interested almost exclusively in "primary" records--evidence of birth, marriages and remarriages, and death (in the form of town or county records, or in the form of state-issued certificates), wills, deeds, property records, probates, family Bible records, journals, letters, diaries, and so forth. They do not accept computer-generated abstracts, compilations, excerpts, transcriptions, or website pages ("world family trees" or "family group sheets" or "marriage indexes" for example--including*), and do not honor any papers filed with other lineage societies (although such DAR, SAR, Colonial Dames, etc. membership papers may contain valuable information for locating the original documentation that supported these papers). Censuses, published family genealogies, news articles (wedding or baptism notices, obituaries), state and local histories, etc. are considered acceptable "secondary" sources, of use only after it has been shown that a search was made for primary sources and such sources are not extant. *Please note that although assertions made on various genealogy Internet sites do not constitute proof of descent, they are not necessarily erroneous. They may indicate a valid lineage; however, such assertions must be thoroughly proven and are not acceptable in themselves as evidence of descent. If you'd prefer to bypass this process, please let me know and I will send you the worksheet form, the application form to be returned to me with your application fee, and a listing of the various kinds of documentation that will create a strong application. If you have questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Mr. J. Pratt Vereen
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Georgia

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